There’s so much to discover and do in the coolest little capital, so to get yourself started for the adventurous journey. 

Ride the Wellington Cable Car

The perfect opening topic for any journey to Wellington; its iconic cable car scheme is equally a long-standing symbol of the city and a best means to experience some of Wellington’s key attractions while captivating in great views along the way. It’s a well-organized and charming ride that simply takes around 10 minutes in total, but the span of the trip is scarcely the point. So don’t risk your trip by missing this fairy-tale ride.

Walk around Carter Observatory / Space Place

For those individuals who are regarding for an amount of telescopic space science, Wellington’s Carter Observatory offers a state-of-the-art capacity for examining profounder into the skies that has been fascinating for the residents and visitors of the city alike for over 70 years. This allows you to wide-ranging space-oriented familiarity that’s more than just chiefly inspecting the solar system; it’s a demonstration that is occupied with displays and greatly improved by integrating digital technology.

Wander along Oriental Bay

Water and maritime has always played an enormous part in both Wellington’s and New Zealand’s history as a whole, and Wellington’s own waterside is the city’s reply to this aquatic status. Oriental Bay with its numerous beachfront gaits and units of eminence sandy beach that can be found mere meters from growth on the city coastline. This is the spot where the mixture of Wellington’s culinary, artistic and entertainment gifts all composite flawlessly into a great bounce for a walk, with visitors able to discover as much or as little of the foreshore as they like.

Appreciate Old St. Paul’s Cathedral

One of the optimum samples of 19th century Gothic architecture is still standing in New Zealand, Old St. Paul’s Cathedral was undid all the mode back in 1866 and has been a long-lasting sign in the city. Although it’s no longer operative as a district church, it kinds for a crucial spot to call on any Wellington route for those who have a liking for architecture and can respect the regalia of human craftsmanship. When observed from the outdoor, “quaint” would probably be the best word to describe Old St. Paul’s – it’s got a moderately self-effacing white wooden facade – on the other hand, moving inside it’s stress-free to perceive why its relics have such a general limited charisma.

Relax in Wellington Botanic Gardens

New Zealand as a whole is famous for the excellence of its botanical gardens, and Wellington’s Botanical Gardens are among the best of any other suggestion all over the country. As one of NZ’s Gardens of National Significance, these country parks have a lot to live up to, and all it proceeds a slight investigation to understand that they well and truly do. Located in the delightful spot supervising Wellington, the Botanic Gardens are surprising display of all floral things – exotic forests, spectacular rose gardens, lush natural bush and less specially-themed areas all bloc to afford a magnificent new display to be taken in around every path.